Monday, September 7, 2009

Customer Experience - Vol. 1

Loyal customers come back. Raving Fans bring others with them. What's the difference? Perhaps it's the combination of the tangibles of the product or service you deliver (the outcome of the transaction) and the customer experience you deliver in the process.

In a discussion on raving fans in a meeting of Chief Executive Boards International, member Harry Loyle of Portrait Avenue said, "We're mostly about the experience -- lots of places can take great photos. And it turns out that a part of the customer experience any mom wants is a sparkling clean bathroom."
They really do believe in that experience part -- in fact, the headline on their "about" web page is," Fun, Interactive Experience".

Imagine that -- tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, years of training and experience by the photographer, and it's about the bathrooms! This is a great example of a company that's focused on customer experience, figured out at least one important component, and then propagated that to every location.

If you missed the earlier article on Creating Raving Fans, you might want to have a look.

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