Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Doghouse for Mom?

I saw an article that underscores a near-crisis situation that's brewing  --  the lack of affordable alternatives to care for aging parents.  This is a problem many business owners face, at least if the frequency of it surfacing in meetings of Chief Executive Boards International is any indication.  

The near-crisis dearth of alternatives is underscored by the introduction of the MEDCottage, a 12'x24' manufactured home, consisting of only a tiny bedroom and bath, that you put in your own back yard as a place to keep Mom.  Step those dimensions off in your family room.   

Its special features include a system to transmit vital information to an offsite monitoring service.  Electrical and water service are provided from your home.  Since your back yard probably doesn't have a sewer, it's equipped with a chemical toilet.  No TV, no place for a computer (not even a desk). 

Perhaps this offering doesn't seem as bizarre to you as it does to me.  The idea of an aging relative confined to a bedroom smaller than a Super 8 hotel room, except when she ventures across the yard (rain, sleet, snow, heat), rings the back doorbell and comes in is beyond my imagination. 

My point is not to get in the way of an innovation.  It's that if there's a demand for this, there's a desperate market out there that's found no other affordable way of keeping a roof over Mom's head.  Tragic, indeed.   

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