Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Best Thing Isn't Necessarily the Easiest Thing

A Chief Executive Boards International member made a profound, yet simple observation in a recent meeting. In commenting on another member's uncertainty of his own priorities, he said, "The best thing for you to do isn't necessarily the easiest thing to do." Worth some consideration -- there are usually dozens of ideas, strategies, initiatives or activities you could be working on.

It's not uncommon for the easiest or more comfortable choice to get priority vs. the thing that could be most important or most significant to your business. Why? Because that is sometimes the HARD thing to get done. Perhaps hard in several ways:
  • Unfamiliar -- Something you or the organization have never done before
  • Uncomfortable -- Terminating an employee, a tough collection action with a customer
  • Expensive -- Spending money on people or things that are important long term, but painful short term
  • Unpopular -- Taking actions that customers, suppliers or employees don't like
Are you putting off doing something important because it's hard? Have a look at the priority list of your own strategies and see if there's something that you need to just grit your teeth and do.

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