Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where Good Ideas Come From (Chance Favors the Connected Mind)

I am regularly amazed at the ideas Chief Executive Boards International members take away from a meeting. I recently heard an eloquent explanation for why that happens.  Specifically, why that happens for people who have external sources of "slow hunches", together with an active forum for the "collision of smaller hunches" which then incubate (subconsciously, mostly) and connect with other hunches (perhaps of other people). That's where fully-developed, great ideas come from. I see this happen all the time in CEBI meetings.  Have a look: 

It's little wonder CEBI members are more successful than their non-member peers.  They've chosen to put themselves regularly in a place where business owners can connect as each other's catalysts -- providing the missing piece -- so that, in Steven Johnson's words,  "Chance Favors the Connected Mind."

Do you have a Connected Mind, or are you trying to come up with good ideas all by yourself?  Chief Executive Boards International could be a great resource for you, as it has been for thousands of others.  

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  1. Good stuff Terry, thanks for sharing this.

  2. An extension of the "connected minds" concept was echoed in an excellent article published in the Sept 25-26 Wall St. Journal. Steven Johnson, author of "where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation" writes thoughtfully about the "adjacent possible" and the importance of open exchange through history, from the development of fatty acids in evolution, to GreenExchange, Nike's web-based ideas marketplace. Ingenuity and development at all levels, he shows, clearly depends on connections.


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