Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Mantra for Change -- Tell and Show

"A leader with no followers is just a guy out taking a walk" says Harry Loyle, Managing Director of Cybeck Capital Partners. Harry presented an Executive Briefing at a recent Chief Executive Boards International Summit. Harry's leadership and change management mantra is "Tell and Show". We learned in grade school how to "Show and Tell". This is different.   
A leader must first articulate what it is he wants. Exactly what it is he wants. In Harry's words, "Clearly articulate the change, and quickly follow with examples."  In the words of Chip and Dan Heath in their best-seller, Switch, you have to "script the moves". Put the dots so close together your followers can't help but connect them. So, first figure out how to clearly tell them what you want, and specifically what you want them to do.

Then show them. Sometimes a leader has to pick up a weapon and fight with the troops. This isn't the same as working in your business full time. This is working on your business by clearly demonstrating the behaviors you expect from your followers by showing them how to do what you want done. Then step away and make sure they can do it on their own without you.

So, when driving change through your organization, remember Harry's advice, "Tell and Show".
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