Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virtual Customer Previews, Reviews and Signoffs

Do you need to periodically update your customers on project progress, preview designs or get customer signoffs on project delivery? It doesn't have to include an airplane or an onsite visit.

A Chief Executive Boards International member is now doing customer acceptance of complex, customized manufacturing machinery by webinar. Using GoToMeeting, the customer is invited into the plant from his desktop PC. Multiple webcams on the floor allow demonstration and observation of the machine from almost any angle. Moreover, you can turn the webinar controls over to the customer and let him "drive".  If the customer likes what he sees, you may save both money and time in getting approval to ship or to continue into the next project phase. 

Think about what happens if things go wrong -- if the customer isn't happy with what he sees, you have an opportunity to correct the problem and give it a second pass without an additional trip, for which he'd probably want to backcharge you.

Saves time and money, besides creating a recording of the acceptance webinar for documentation. Our member reports that he's recently shipped machines without the customer setting foot into his plant.

If you've found some good use for webcam/webinar tools in your business, please click "Comments" below and share them with others. 

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Terry Weaver

Chief Executive Boards International
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