Saturday, October 13, 2012

You Can Catch More Flies with Honey

Here's a clever and inexpensive idea for getting your marketing message above the clutter of other mail and promotions. One of our Chief Executive Boards International members markets to locally-owned jewelry stores. His initial approach is by phone, attempting to set up a long-term account relationship that will get into 5-figure revenue pretty quickly, so a few well-targeted marketing dollars can have a pretty high ROI.

What he does is send a cookie by mail before his phone call. A cookie? Yes, he sends a Cheryl's Cookie by mail, timed to arrive the day before his call. He rings up the jeweler, and asks "Did you get the cookie?" It's a disarming and casual way to start the conversation and of course another business owner always takes note of a well-executed sales approach. After a few laughs about the cookie, he starts his presentation.

I asked him for the details, and he said he buys Cheryl's chocolate chip cookies, individually wrapped, in bulk before a campaign and refrigerates them.   Sends them first class mail (important -- he controls the timing) in a padded envelope along with a letter saying “we have a SWEET idea for you that will increase your store traffic and put additional income in your pocket with no investment of time or money on your part.  Details follow…or check out our website at   All in, this is about $2 per prospect. 
Another of our members sends a pair of socks in advance of his call, along with a note saying, "We've got a deal that will knock your socks off, so we're sending a spare pair before we tell you about it."

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Terry Weaver

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