Friday, June 7, 2013

Pre-Hire Background Checks -- Nuisance or Necessity?

At Chief Executive Boards International we recommend hiring "by the numbers".  That includes, among other things:     
  1. Behavioral Interviewing - make sure the potential hire has actually had the experiences you need for the job
  2. A relevant personality assessment, matching the requirements of the job with the attributes of the candidate
  3. Reference checks, done by a pro - not yourself
  4. Drug test
  5. Credit Check
  6. Background check - driving and criminal
  7. Verify Education - Copy of college transcript
So, is all this stuff really important?  Like, what's the likelihood of actually hiring a criminal?   Read this article and decide for yourself.  One background check could be the difference between your company's future and extinction.   

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Terry Weaver

Chief Executive Boards International
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  1. It is vitally important. As a former recruiter, I have seen some really shocking things come to light during background checks. Once, it was discovered that a C-level executive candidate had been lying about her Master's degree for over 15 years .. having a MS wouldn't prevent her candidacy, but the moral compass that allowed her to falsify information did.


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