Saturday, September 14, 2013

9 Things You Can Learn from an Applicant's Car

A friend of mine, Russell Wagner, is a regular reader of Chief Executive Boards International Newsletters.  In response to an article about selection and hiring, Russell sent me this interesting idea:
"Three business owners I know have someone go out while the candidate is in the interview and look at their car.  It's amazing what you can learn from looking at someone's car, such as:
  • Political or other "cause" leanings (bumper stickers)   
  • Smoker? 
  • Interior messy?
  • What stuff is inside?
  • Child seat (parent/young children)?  
  • Dents or unrepaired damage? 
  • Is the car clean?
  • Tires in good shape?
  • Type of car
They all told me that how someone takes care of their car is how they will take care of their job."

Now you could, of course, infer something in error from this observation, and it might be good to ask further interview questions to validate any concerns you have.   Like any of the many data points you use in candidate selection, this is just another part of the mosaic.  

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Terry Weaver

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