Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CEBI Spring National Summit Recap

In case you missed it, the CEBI National Summit recently held in Atlanta was a success.  There were a lot of comments made about how well the National Boards were facilitated and how they gelled.  New members to CEBI, as well as some not so new members who attended their first National Summit were able to make tremendous new contacts and start building upon their national reach within the CEBI organization.  The first day began by welcoming everyone to Atlanta and Kevin's update on CEBI’s new direction and remaining events.  While CEBI has a tremendous peer advisory platform a number of new initiatives were announced to include:

  • A new CEBI website under development
  • New and exciting Workshop
  • A Recommended Reading List with discounted pricing
  • Helpful Webinars on Topics of Interest
  • Business Coaching for individuals or groups
  • And more….

                  CEBI Calendar Events:

Later on, some great member presentations were shared with the group by Bob Kaynes of Columbus, Kevin Day of Charlotte, Jim Henderson of Boston, and Adam Anderson of Greenville.  You can relive all of their presentations and experiences by visiting the CEBI Summit Presentation Library. 

There were a few late nights at the bar rekindling old friendships and making new acquaintances.  It was a tremendous experience catching up with everyone around the bar in between the hockey playoffs and the pool games.

Once the National Board meetings wrapped up, the Summit finished up on a high note with a workshop on Lean & Six Sigma Processes led by quality expert, Marco Luzzatti.

Thanks to all of our Summit participants, presenters, facilitators and dinner hosts for all of your contributions.  It was great seeing everyone in Atlanta and on behalf of Kevin, Angel, and Robin, best wishes and we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon at your local board meetings.

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Kevin Minton
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