Monday, March 3, 2008

Simple Products I Like a Lot - Post #1

It took me awhile, but I've finally realized that "stuff" isn't going to make me happy. In fact, the reverse is almost true. Big houses, expensive cars, clothes, boats, etc. just don't deliver the happiness or satisfaction the ad writers promise.

If you completely eliminate your expectation that "stuff" will make you happy, it's a real treat when you buy something you just love. Here's an inexpensive item I bought recently that I just really like:

  1. Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer -- -- This thing really works. The killer feature is that the remote sensor electronics are connected by a wire to the sensor itself. You can mount the electronics inside, drill a hole through a window frame or route the wire through a window channel, and put the little sensor outside. Mount this in a window rarely hit by direct sun, and you'll have a reliable outdoor temperature every morning. I have my indoor unit on the bathroom vanity. The only issue with this is that the case slightly overhangs the display so you can't see the top of it if it's sitting on a countertop and you're standing. Couple of possible solutions to that, mostly in mounting height/location.

I hope thise product recommendations are useful to you. They're well-designed, great inexpensive products that do everything they're supposed to do, and do it better than you'd expect. If you have products that you're totally enthused about, please post them here.

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