Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Qualifying Sales Prospects -- Go for da MAN

Sales people habitually spend time on leads and prospects that aren't ever going to buy. That's because they're not the "MAN". What's that mean? They don't have all the qualities of a real prospect:


Steve Hoffmann of Skyline Exhibits and Design is, like many business owners, his company's lead sales person. He really knows his craft and we find ourselves regularly talking about sales training and sales management. Steve shared this simple, memorable and effective algorithm with me. Breaking it down into parts, here's what makes the MAN (it's not clothes anymore):

  • Money -- The money is not only budgeted, but it's available (no "if" qualifiers in the way) and the project itself fits into the company's overall strategy. No contingencies -- the money is there.
  • Authority -- The person we're dealing with is the one who can sign the order. Not a recommender. Not a committee. Someone with the authority to spend the budget without any additional levels of approval.
  • Need -- There's some kind of pain that this proposal addresses. Something is missing and your proposal fills that void.
So, the next time your sales person talks about a prospect that's just about to buy, ask, "Is he da MAN?"

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