Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 Easy Steps to Sharing Your PC Screen - for Free

Ever on the phone with someone where you want to show them something on a spreadsheet, a document, a drawing, or a website? We've all come up with workarounds -- email it to them, then talk through the mouse clicks to navigate to what you're trying to communicate, or dictate the URL over the phone, "dubya, dubya, dubya....."

CEBI member Chuck Smith introduced me to last week, and I've used it a couple of times since. It's a screen-sharing application, sort of your own, instantaneous, private webinar. Here's now it works:

  1. Set up a account -- go to the website (no www -- just and click on Free Trial. If you have a LogMeIn account you can use that login, otherwise create your own. Choose the free version or a free trial of the full-featured paid version ($19/mo). 
  2. To share your screen with someone else, click the radio button "using one-time code" in the "Share" section, then the arrow icon. A couple of setup tasks will run the first time you do this. 
  3. At the top of the screen, a 9-digit code appears -- that's your ID for this session -- it expires when you're finished (the other person can't come into your PC whenever he wants to).
  4. Have the other person go to and enter those 9 digits on the right side of their screen, in the "Join" box, then click the arrow icon.
Voila! They're seeing on their screen exactly what's on yours. You can narrate and drive at the same time, pointing with your mouse pointer, etc.

This is really handy, particularly if you want to make sure the other person is looking at what you want to explain, rather than reading email in the background.

The paid "pro" subscription ($19/month) allows you to swap presenters, lock your meetings, schedule meetings, personalize, add users to your account, get unified audio for conference calls, or dial in with an international number. You can use the swap presenters feature to invite someone to show you how to do something on your PC -- start a session, then hand over mouse control to them and let them drive!

You can use the free version as a web conferencing tool, in conjunction with as your free audio bridge. Just send the link and call-in instructions in your meeting notice - you can give them the session ID over the phone or by last-minute email.

Happy free personal web conferencing!

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