Friday, October 4, 2013

We Hire Tough so We Can Manage Easy

If you only had to get one thing right as a business owner, that would be hiring the right people.  The right people will prevail over market conditions, competitive threats, operational problems and, arguably, even over product, service and pricing mistakes.  

Here are 56 articles on Human Resources, the lion's share of which are about hiring and selection.  

I heard a great mantra from a member in a recent discussion among Chief Executive Boards International members, one of whom said, "We hire tough so we can manage easy."
Almost enough said on its own, but what does "Hiring tough" really mean?     
  1. Know exactly what you're looking for -- Do the homework to define the job and the ideal candidate.  In this case, the CEBI member is looking for machinists and he hires "country boys" -- people with some mechanical aptitude, work ethic, and not looking for a big office and fancy title.   
  2. Be particular -- If it's not the right person, walk on.   The single biggest hiring mistake I've seen is settling for a candidate that's "just OK".   You'll always be sorry.  
  3. Run the checkboxes -- Make sure you stick by your hiring and selection process.   Here are 7 ways you can avoid a hiring mistake.
  4. Set all the expectations -- I recently heard someone describing the typical employment interview, saying, "There are two people in the room, and both of them are lying."  Tell them the good, bad and ugly of the job.   One CEBI member reserves himself the last spot on the round-robin interview sequence and starts that conversation with, "Let me tell you why this job sucks."  
  5. Look for repeated patterns of success - in the behavioral interview, in reference checks, and in measurable accomplishments the candidate can quantify.  
So, remember, managing is a whole lot easier if you hire tough.  
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