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11 Things Remarkable Leaders Think Every Day

By getting to the heart of what makes some leaders truly great, you can become pretty remarkable yourself.

Remarkable leaders are admired--and followed. Learning how a great leader thinks is essential to learning how to become a great leader.

1. What's happening in the world today?

The best leaders begin their day with the news because they know that what's happening in the world today can have an effect on their business. They stay ahead of technological and industry advances so that they--and their companies--can evolve along with the rapid pace of change.

2. What are my goals for the day?

Remarkable leaders set goals for themselves daily--some easily achievable, and others a reach, because they thrive on challenges.

3. Which tasks should I begin first and which should I delegate?

Once they have a set of goals in mind for the day, great leaders prioritize, and then decide what tasks they need to personally accomplish, and what things should be delegated to others.

4. How are our products/services doing and are we making money?

Every highly effective leader thinks about the products or services that his or her company or department produces, and how much revenue and profit is being realized from them. Without these facts--examined on a regular basis--leaders can't readily see the need for change, or which direction to take.

5. Which contacts should I reach out to today?

Remarkable leaders are great at networking and staying in contact with others, first and foremost, because they enjoy the camaraderie and friendship. They also understand that these same connections may one day be a valuable resource for advice and information. And, these leaders are always there for their contacts when they're the ones who are in need--whether it's to pass on their expertise, give advice, or make a recommendation.

6. I am going to listen closely

Remarkable leaders ask questions and listen closely to what others have to say and share. They consider and listen to the views of others in an effort to learn and grow and enrich their business, others, and themselves.

7. How can I help you have a successful day?

Great leaders want their employees, customers, and vendors to be successful. They take the time to notice when someone is struggling, and they ask what they can do to help.

8. Can we find a better way?

Remarkable leaders are constantly thinking, asking, listening, and observing in an effort to learn new ways to be faster, more efficient, and more successful at what they do.

9. I really appreciate the hard work of my team

A great leader is the first to say, "They get all the credit because they deserve it." When employees do something exceptional, great leaders are the first to shine the spotlight on their people.

10. Were we successful today?

At the end of each day, remarkable leaders ask themselves and the members of their team whether or not they were successful. If the answer is yes, then these leaders know they should do more of that. If the answer is no, then they know that it's time to try a different approach.

11. I am grateful for...

Finally, remarkable leaders never forget to be grateful for what they have and make it a point each and every day to find something positive to reflect upon and be grateful for.

Courtesy: Inc. Magazine, Author: Peter Economy

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