Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The 7 Emails You Need to Know How to Write

Why Give a Damn:

Emails are how we communicate with each other in this day and age. Writing them well can be the difference between successfully building a relationship and not. This post includes example emails for how to get meetings, ask for introductions to investors, say no gracefully, and more!

Emails are strangely awkward. They give us the ability to start a conversation with anyone in the world, without the social cues of an in-person interaction. So we do things that we’d never do in real life via email. Can you imagine walking up to someone at a dinner party, handing them a large document and saying, “Hey Steve, it’s great to meet you! I’ve heard a lot about you and was wondering if you’d give me feedback on my business plan?” And yet, I get emails like this. A lot of people get emails like this.
So this post is dedicated to effectively writing what I believe are seven of the most important relationship-building emails. I’ve assembled articles and examples for each of the emails below and hope this helps you to start the critical relationships you need to produce extraordinary results!

1. How to get busy people to respond to your emails.
2. How to ask for an introduction.
3. How to make an introduction between two people.
4. How to ask for feedback.
5. How to ask for a meeting.
6. How to be politely persistent in getting someone to write you back.
7. How to say no gracefully.

Click here to discover "How To" construct these e-mails. 

The author of this post, Teju Ravilochan, is co-founder and CEO of the Unreasonable Institute.

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